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From the edge of the porch, he stared down at her not feeling the least bit sorry for startling her. With the effortless grace his kind was known for, he leapt over the railing and landed at her feet.

She barely weighed more than a sack or two of sugar.

The Cajun’s Captive (Stormy Weather, Book One)

Find out why she ran. Her breasts heaved and fell as if she might start crying. Then Amanda had grabbed the hose and proceeded to drench him and his brothers to the bone.

It had been August. She looked like a drowned cat. Contains one sinfully seductive cajun werewolf with plenty of pent up sexual tension, a little light bondage, and a love that will last a lifetime.

The rain beat on the roof above his head, drowning out his footsteps.

She landed flat on her back. If you want her, you must go get her.

His sharper wolf senses took over as he slipped into his bedroom and looked around. About Publish Join Sign In. Well and lovely written story.

It was just as he’d left it. TCC Share on Facebook. Even if it means tying her to his bed.

Her wheat colored hair covered her face and the rain slowly soaked her clothes. She smelled so sweet, so familiar, and so wonderful that he almost closed his eyes to savor it. It was the reason he dated a long stream of women, never settling down. He exited his room and moved toward the front of the house. The clap of thunder brought him back to the present. He made no move to rescue her even though he could have. Either from cold or, heaven help him, desire, her nipples beaded beneath the fabric and stood out like pebbles.

Great series,enjoyed ur work!!! She was meant to be his. Oblivious to the rain, he glared down at her. Tracy Votaw on Dec. The network probably sent her. Not thunder, nor rain. Like hell, she was going to get her story. He saw nothing but rain downloadd the window, but his keen ears could hear someone breathing. He made no move to rescue her even though he could have.

About The Cajun’s Captive 15, words erotic paranormal romance werewolves This story was previously released by Cobblestone Press. It had taken all his willpower not to carry her off that very donwload.

The Cajun’s Captive

Make her listen to reason. Her momentum toppled her over the railing and into the soggy grass below. Francis Haley on June 03, His inner beast had been too proud to let him chase. I liked the story, just wish it was a little longer.

Smashwords – The Cajun’s Captive (Stormy Weather, Book One) – a book by Selena Blake

He had her where he wanted her. Her breasts dodnload and fell as if she might start crying. What did a man have to do to get privacy? Instead, he took in her pitiful form.