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However, using intermediaries, are very virulent and insidious.

Transylvanian Sunrise Radu Cinamar

If you look at the Romanian Sphinx, the oblong top of the head resembles an ancient Dacian helmet. I agreed to this reguest, citing the inability to ensure information leaks out, but I immediately suggested the presence of these teams Tunnel breakthrough achievement, in reality, there would be no problem ensuring stringent security even in the presence of the American team, but I exaggerated the can intentionally exposes the former secret, just because I knew that was the point Masons’ heel of the problem.

There is no question that all three characters work in a realm where access is restricted. Xien, who monitored Cezar and kept him on a positive path. For this meeting, Caesar prepared thoroughly, isolating himself in a room and falling into a state of deep meditation, to learn more about the person. Next day they set off for Castle Dracula.

Caesar approved me for that time they had available was very limited, the I began to relate the discussion to have with great Mason. Massini urged strict secrecy on this matter. You must confess, however, that the information they gave me a perplexed me senior Massini even me. Access to these tunnels was strictly prohibited by the secret protocol was signed between Romania and the USA. Inthe Pentagon discovered, through the use of state-of-the-art satellite technology, an anomaly within the Bucegi Mountains.

Above The Bucegi Mountains we also have an energetic pyramid – its shadow can be seen twice a year – which has a protective purpose and also keeps safe the true knowledge that is about to be revealed to everyone when the time comes.

Transylvanian Sunrise Emerges | Romania | Astral Projection

Radu, likewise, does not remember knowing David Anderson. The situation remained, however, very complicated. In such situations Masonry generates practical, a true state of surnise collective, which serves very well interests.

Therefore they say that it is very easy to do evil, but it is very difficult to FAP tuiesti a well. The official declaration would have provided evidence to the world about everything discovered in the Bucegi Mountains, including photos and anything else essential for a complete clarification.

Only after several weeks, I was surprised to find out the truth, through secret channels of information and intelligence of the RIS. As a member of a communist regime himself, he was free from suspicion and immune from the Dictator.

The statement had contained tfansylvanian main data discovery Bucegi Mountains, providing evidence to the world, photos and other elements essential for clarification. After 24 hours of talks, a final agreement occurred between the Romania and USA and they’ve choose to cooperate in some precise terms. Probably felt that way as uncertain Romania, although obviously it would be easier.

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By the nature of which make long-Zero Department, could suspect that their interest was related to something guite exceptional, which was related only intervention teams operating in the department, teams that run them myself.

If they so choose, these human beings can transform other people’s destinies through the power of their superior abilities. Access to these tunnels is strictly prohibited by secret protocol was signed between Romania and the U. But most importantly it would have been revelations about the very distant past of humanity and real history that was almost entirely counterfeit.

Almost dumbfounded, and watched the movements sunrixe precise scheme Caesar Approximate strange structure inside the Bucegi mountains.

A good deal ofTransylvanian Sun-rise deals with the repression of the discovery that has been made and the effort to use its benefits only for the purposes of a corrupt Masonic elite. For them it was important to them facilitate access to something that now no one I do not know. By tapping simultaneously two different sguares, a complex scientific analysis shows the DNA of both beings and possibilities of compatibility between them.

It is equally true, however, that any choice involves sacrifice for the better. Blocked areas were marked with red and venerable explained easily and that they rejected sounding or just any type of analysis, as if to protect something there. Americans have recognized that the material is a strange traneylvanian of organic and inorganic matter. In addition to symbols, Freemasonic estimates are also very Masonic Lodges important for devotees, but they are little known other people.

He knew exactly what sunrie say, how to behave, how to make my proposal for collaboration and how to tempt me to accept it.

At the end of the tunnel was a huge stone gate which was moved by sliding it transylvanina the left. This not only includes the political intrigue surrounding it, but the primary person who is the curator or local “jinn” of the area. Therefore, many prefer to leave the country Saxon and provide exceptional intellectual capabilities in other areas of the world in transylvamian way that is absolutely paradoxical situation, you do not believe you had the opportunity to meet the other countries.

I ask you now, perhaps, what is good and what is evil. Oripilarea that had been included in some way explain the inability to understand all the nuances elements transylvankan we have learned since then. Their vigilance is a first shot, very heavy, which is given Freemasonry, as a vigilant man is more difficult to be deceived, manipulated or controlled. Often, this delicate is the man to choose evil, which by nature is autodistruc-hem. Initially they wanted to take political pef, but the Romanian politicians who were entitled to be aware of these issues have panicked and could not cope with events.

Massini invited Caesar to join the group, letting him understand that he will have many advantages. The book chronicles the discovery of these modern day artefacts which represent the dawn of a new era for Mankind.

The Romanian state was to postpone the disclosure, and gradually present everything to the people. Caesar realized that venerable still have some more information that he did not disclose them. Other independent sources have also suggested this.

Transylvanian Sunrise Emerges

But after turning off the first energetic barrier, the huge hemispherical shield at the other end of the room, suddenly turned to a higher vibration level and begun emitting higher radiations.

The difference was the fact that it was the General Obadiah He warned that a direct Caesar that invitation, but even a secretary of state government to order one of the ministers. Most have been shaken by what they have learned since then. Romania’s official statement When American diplomat was informed that Romania will send a press release World of crucial importance for humanity, everything was chaos. Now you know your inner truth and substance, which is very good of you made immediately take attitude and want to share this knowledge to others.

There are many others who have noticed this, who wrote indicating its concern over this phenomenon, though they do not know the true source Because of this “run ” of the Dowbload intellectuals abroad, knowing nothing or almost nothing about Freemasonry, they put this on doqnload of poverty in the country and the desire for enrichment with great intellectual ability to undertake abroad.