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Your goal is to help the student achieve greater insight into the truth, qualify as an unbaptized publisher, and become a dedicated and baptized Witness of Jehovah. The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society produces a significant amount of printed and electronic literature, primarily for use by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Jehovah’s Witnesses publications

This page was last edited on 8 Januaryat Publications for preaching are also downllad our kingdom ministry september 2012 pdf download by members, both privately and at their meetings for worship. Their most widely distributed publications are:. When interested individuals are encountered, Witnesses monistry a home Bible study course, using a current publication, such as What Does the Bible Really Teach?

Introduction to New and Alternative Religions in America. Insight on the Scriptures includes much of what was formerly in the book Aid to Bible Understanding and a great deal more.

Views Read Edit View history. As of Januarythat arrangement was extended to all lands where our kingdom ministry september 2012 pdf download was not already in operation. Encyclopedia of Cults and New Religions.

Raymond Franz Olin Moyle. Raymond Franza former member of the Governing Body who left the organization [23] claimed to have been one of the researchers.

By Evolution or by Creation? William Miller Henry Grew. What Does the Bible Really Teach? In addition to Jehovah’s Witnesses’ widely distributed journals, various publications have received attention from the media and other commentators. Students are requested to examine the material prior to the arrival of the Bible study conductor, using the questions at the bottom of our kingdom ministry september 2012 pdf download page, to “help prepare the student for the Bible study”.

Kingdom Hall Gilead School. Biologist Richard Dawkins criticized the book for repeatedly presenting a choice between intelligent design and chancerather than natural selection.

Aid to Bible Understanding was the first doctrinal and biblical encyclopedia of Jehovah’s Witnesses, published in full in Most literature produced by Jehovah’s Witnesses is intended for use in their evangelizing work.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Redirected from Our Kingdom Ministry.

Retrieved from ” https: Criticism Persecution Supreme Septmeber cases by country. The Watchtower was first published by Charles Taze Russellfounder of the Bible Student movementin[1] followed by the inception of the Watch Tower Society in The voluntary donation arrangement is explained to people, but no charge is made for the literature. Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. Their best known publications are the magazines, The Our kingdom ministry september 2012 pdf download and Awake!

Some publications are typically distributed only to members, but may be supplied to other interested individuals on request or mijistry available in public libraries.

The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life was a Bible study textbook published in and revised in now out of print. The Witness then visits the student on a regular basis, generally considering a chapter on each visit. This downloas is about literature used by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Workbooks: Our Christian Life & Ministry | Avoid Jehovah’s Witnesses

At the end of Februaryit was explained that magazines and literature will be provided to publishers and to the interested public on a complete donation basis, that is, without asking or suggesting that a specific contribution be made as a precondition to receiving an item. Commons category with local link different our kingdom ministry september 2012 pdf download on Wikidata.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Barbour John Nelson Darby. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Category: Bible Student esptember Leadership dispute Splinter groups Doctrinal development Unfulfilled predictions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Students are encouraged to read the scriptures cited in the material.

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Certain publications are limited to members in appointed positions, such septembed the manual for congregation eldersPay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock.

Brooklyn, New York, U. Part of a series on. New publications are usually released at Jehovah’s Witnesses’ annual conventions. New World Translation List of publications Bibliography.