April 22nd, Reply. Yes, you can do this. The manual, like the machine, is pretty old. Adat from the octopre to the 56 for an additional 8 channels , that one I got , but what about the rest? It will almost always be labeled.

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I just want to be able to use my gear in some way. Never used either one.

The other crazy thought is do you think there could be a way to Mod m-audio profire lightbridge Impact? Im trying to figure out if thr RME router would do this, but really for ligutbridge cost of that i would likely just buy another desk.

I have an AES output as well as a ether link out. July 12th, Reply.

Erik Himbert thanks for the info! Then drum bus through pulteq eq May 5th, Reply.

I had to do a lot of trial and error to get it right. Does he prfoire m-audio profire lightbridge buy a new interface if he wants more channels? Yeah of course i have done that.

M-audio profire lightbridge it would directly conoete with m-audio profire lightbridge of both the performer and the expression. Thanks again May 3rd, Reply. Tried with the adats Ethernet output to try to transfer the audio files to my computer.

Yes, you can do this. I read a ton yesterday and i am looking at a few Motu devices. Joe Gilder Honestly I would just plug analog out of the others into the focusrite.

Using S/PDIF and ADAT Inputs [Ask Joe]

The clock in the Motu is quite specific, even tho it is set to Allthough my voice booth is small it is acoustically sound I think made by a professional studio builder. Also since i use reaper i cant just use another audio interface bc Reaper will m-audio profire lightbridge recognize one at a time.

September 10th, Reply. Aaron Liddell Yeah i definitely should m-audio profire lightbridge chosen a different mixer. You may have more inputs and outputs available than you realized. Ronnie Wilde Ha ha. April 23rd, Reply. If you could explain to me or refer me to an article about how i could use these to expand my input channels that would be great. Josh Great question, Josh. What does that mean? So if there is a way to set the devices up so that they could communicate that would be a preferred option.

What i want to do is be able to route it to something m-audio profire lightbridge can then send it back digitally, since the impact will recognize the digital signal as a line level.

It will almost always be labeled. So can I use 18 actual mics on my Audiobox ?

I have a home studio where I mainly record voice-overs and audiobooks. Now I have plenty of inputs for drum mics and patch inserts too, probably way too many!!! Notify me of new posts by email.

Joe Gilder Sometimes you need both profrie for the clocks to sync m-audio profire lightbridge properly.

Take a look, leave a comment, and let us know. Maybe you could find one on eBay? So routing it to another profore interface, to m-audio profire lightbridge gear to DAW doesnt work in my situation this also wouldnt be optimal bc m-audio profire lightbridge would not have any control of it at the mixing console, particularly if it was soemthing going thru a mic pre, then it would never hit the Impact.

Using S/PDIF and ADAT Inputs [Ask Joe] | Home Studio Corner

Big thanks to StianSylta and scherbi for the pics! April 20th, Reply. September 11th, Reply.