From , Sony has reduced the production of Vaio laptops and finally discontinued them. The bottom of the notebook gets a bit warm, but not uncomfortably so. You can however clearly hear the DVD drive spin. Sony download pages for earlier SZ series don’t have drivers for these systems. With the strongest set of components and by far the highest price tag , the VAIO SZ led the pack in mobile performance; it’s powerful enough to shoulder any productivity task and with its discrete GPU, even some games and advanced graphical tasks. The screen had no dead pixels and the backlight seems very even to me — better than what the picture here shows. All models came with an hybrid graphics system, which features an integrated GMA graphics and an Nvidia GeForce Go later replaced with GeForce M graphics and were the first to be able to switch between the two with a reboot of the system.

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For me, this was the only SZ model I could afford, and honestly, it’s not all that different from the other SZs. Schlank und schick Source: There is little to no heat in the keyboard and palm rest areas, and there are no side vents to pump hot air onto your mousing hand. Trusted Reviews While baio notebook computers are beasts with huge screens and full sized sony vaio sz, I prefer my laptops sony vaio sz my pizzas – thin and light.

I had to reformat, recover, reinstall, reformat, partially recover, uninstall, reinstall, reformat, reinstall, call tech support and crawl the support site both sony vaio sz which are useless, by the way and Google for help. Moving the cursor was way too slow, mostly due to the profile of the touchpad.

Sony VAIO SZ Review (Japanese Version)

Spny can change your settings at any time. Touchpad and fingerprint scanner view large image. For me, this was the only SZ model I could afford, and honestly, sony vaio sz not all that different from the other SZs.

We scheduled several time slots during which they could call and he said I should hear from them sony vaio sz.

Benchmarks These benchmarks were performed after a hard drive wipe and a clean installation of Windows XP.

Sony VAIO SZ Review (pics, specs)

The screen had no dead sony vaio sz snoy the backlight seems very even to me — better than what the picture here shows. Yes, I have it and I like to brag about it. I could use the drivers I copied from sony vaio sz laptop earlier all English.

Keyboard view large image. This not only sounds good, but feels good too. The notebook works fine in its out-of-the-box configuration. The RPM hard drive, unfortunately, is buried eony in the system and cannot be accessed without dismantling the body and keyboard more information is available in a forum thread. All this bloat slows the notebook down, especially since much of the software is redundant.

Built-in sony vaio sz and microphone Security: The heat comes out from a single vent in the rear. I love having both a PC Card slot and an ExpressCard slot — an unsual combination in an ultraportable.

For on-the-go videoconferencing, there’s a handy 1. As for s touchpad, I was pleasantly surprised. As the new high end of the SZ line, the SZ6 series is packed with power features. The FireWire port is a sony vaio sz bonus, as well.

In its third incarnation, faster processors and a much better keyboard finally make the Sony vaio sz lightweight comes from the solid base construction, made of a high-tech composite material, called CFRP Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plasticswhich also gives the machine its strength besides the lightness.

This notebook has a poor software sony vaio sz. Typically, the original drivers for advanced series are backward compatible with previous variants. PC Pro A beautifully designed notebook that’s perfect for life on the move thanks to a low weight and great battery life.

Though I don’t like Sony very much, I am quite happy with the notebook itself. This website uses cookies. As you know, I had just won the auction.

Little rubber bumpers keep it from scratching the case.